Dutchess County Alcoholics Anonymous
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Need Help? Call the Dutchess AA Hotline 24 hours a day 845 - 452 - 1111

Submit an Event

Form Guidelines: We will post an event provided there is an AA meeting as part of the event. Individual anniversaries are not posted. Group anniversaries will be posted if they are in District 11. Regular meetings will not be posted in Events, as they appear already on the meeting list. Examples of events which meet these guidelines include conventions, service workshops, group anniversaries, fellowship days, big book studies, etc.

All events which meet the guidelines will appear in the "Member Area" of www.dutchessaa.org. Events may also appear in the "Upcoming Events" section on the homepage of dutchessaa.org. This will be evaluated by the Webmaster based on anonymity.

If you have any questions about these guidelines, please contact the Webmaster.

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